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Nashville help/tips (1 Viewer)

Overcrowded and super expensive in Franklin area now.  That's where most of the stars live. We live in Hendersonville, which is about the same distance from Nashville but on the north side and about 1/3 cheaper. 
Ex-girlfriend (almost wife) was born in raised in Franklin. Nice area. 

Why is that?
I grew up in Nashville. I still have family that I visit regularly. It's a city that conflates characters with "character". It's full of privilege. Very judgmental even as it's a very religious city. I left in the early 90's after realizing I was just dissatisfied with life there (and the South in general). Some of it may be a young man's angst but it doesn't matter in the end. I found my tribe backpacking around Europe and jumped at the chance to leave Nashville for NYC. 


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