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Nate Burleson is targeting Week 10 for his return. (1 Viewer)


He's available on my Wavier Wire and I could use a decent WR2 with some upside. Would you stash him? He looked like he was putting up some good numbers before the accident. I missed snatching Keenan Allen, Jeffery and Percy so I'm looking for that potential lottery ticket.

Also.... what are your thoughts on Mario Manningham? Same situation. He's available. Is he worth a stash?


Nate Burleson (arm) is tentatively expected to return for Week 12.

Barring a setback, the Detroit News sees Burleson playing against the Bucs. It will be his first game since breaking his forearm during ahead of Week 4. Burleson needs to be owned in 12- and 14-team leagues as he was averaging 6.3 catches for 79.6 yards before going down.

Source: Detroit News
Ogletree and Ross were both pretty poor this week. Broyles is done for the season. Edwards was released.

All that leaves is Calvin and Durham. I would expect Burleson to get right back in the thick of things immediately, and return to his previous production


Nate Burleson believes "there’s a chance" he returns in Week 12 against the Bucs.
Burleson's tempered optimism comes one day after coach Jim Schwartz said it's a "possibility" he returns this week. The Lions have slow played Burleson's return, but it would be surprising if this wasn't the week he finally rejoins the Lions' starting lineup. He should be owned in 12-14 team leagues.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Nate Burleson (arm) was working with the first-team in skeleton drills Wednesday.

Barring an unexpected setback, Burleson is going to be active and start Sunday's game against the Bucs. It's a great spot as Tampa has been getting absolutely torched by slot receivers. Rishard Matthews and Harry Douglas have combined to catch 17 passes for 254 yards with three touchdowns against the Bucs in the last two weeks.

Source: Detroit News
Nate Burleson (arm) said there would have to be a "major setback" for him not to play in Sunday's game against the Bucs.

Burleson is awaiting medical clearance that appears to be a formality. He's expected to step right back in as the No. 2 wideout and slot receiver on a team that ranks second in pass attempts this season. "If I'm going to play on Sunday, I want to be in the game plan," Burleson said. "I don't want to be limited."

Source: Detroit News
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Im sure im not the only one debating this... Better prospects for ROS Miles Austin or Burleson? Leaning Burleson given he's more assured of getting snaps and looks. Thoughts ?

He was out there on the WW, surprisingly enough. I have him in over White at this point.

What do people forecast? I know Matthews torched them, but is he as fast? Is he healthy enough to do that? I doubt he draws Revis on a consistent basis, but who will cover him?

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An easy start in ppr leagues v TB if Burleson is actually "not limited" like he suggested in his quote.

Burleson was avging 6.3 rec for 79.7 yards in 3 games; granted the matchups were easy, but this is not a tough one either.

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Nate Burleson (arm) is listed as probable to face the Buccaneers in Week 12.

Burleson practiced fully on Friday, has been cleared for contact, and should be an above-50-percent player against Tampa Bay. Primarily a slot receiver in Detroit's pass-first attack, Burleson will do battle Sunday with a Bucs defense that has coughed up the following stat lines to Doug Baldwin 6-75-1, Rishard Matthews 11-120-2, and Harry Douglas 6-134-1 over the past three weeks.

Source: Tim Twentyman on Twitter
The Detroit Free Press reports Nate Burleson (arm) has been cleared for contact and will likely play this week against the Bucs.

Burleson broke his arm on September 24 in a single-car accident when he tried to save two pizzas from sliding off the passenger seat. He's been practicing in full this week, working with the first-team offense. Burleson should slide in as the No. 2 receiver opposite Calvin Johnson, shifting to the slot in three-wide sets. He has WR3 upside in a plus matchup.

Nov 22 - 8:29 AM
Source: Detroit Free Press
If it makes you guys feel any better I started both Burleson and Boykin in this game i need to win to get in with E. Sanders and Harvin on the bench. FML.

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It was reasonable that Jordy Nelson would outscore Burleson by 3 points...I just didn't expect 3 points to 0.

At least 6 receptions in every game he's played this season, what could go wrong?
Yep. I thought this as well.

Went with what I thought was the 'safe' route with Matt Forte dinged up and pulled Gio Bernard from the Flex spot in case I needed him at RB to fill in for Forte Sunday.

Thanks for the 0. Thankfully, D. Murray put up 33. That's what we call balance.

"Nate Burleson is Targeting Week 11 for his Return"

In other news:

"Stafford was not targeting Week 11 for Burleson's return"

This guy killed me yesterday a week after making me look like a genius. I now have to pray I get big weeks from my other receivers to make up for the doughnut. Thank god I'm in a good position to make my playoffs.

Killed me, especially since I sat Roddy again (I'm sure many were in a similar boat).

Anyone rolling with him against the Eagles?

I am thinking Roddy this week over Burleson. But don't want to be kneejerk. Roddy got the targets finally though and I think his upside is higher.

Sabertooth said:
I am thinking Roddy this week over Burleson. But don't want to be kneejerk. Roddy got the targets finally though and I think his upside is higher.
White'[s upside is higher because Burleson is only seeing the field on 3 wr sets. At the beginning of the year he was the number 2 starter behind Calvin, but now he is is number 3 because Durham is the number 2 wr.

I thought Burleson would resume his number 2 wr status becaue Durham had not really accomplished anything in Burleson's absense.

This situation is a mess right now.

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Is Durham hurt? Is anyone out there rolling with burleson this week? I want to start him over the likes of Emanuel sanders and streater. If you're starting him, who are you starting him over?


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