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Nate Webster (1 Viewer)


Noticed that Nate Webster was listed as probable last week but I rarely start guys their first week back (burned me on David Harris) so he rode the pine last week.

Despite being active, Webster only nabbed an assist.

Anyone know what happened last week and is he safe to play this week?

Nate Webster doesn't play in the nickel and the Chiefs gave the ball to a running back only 12 times. He also rotated with Mario Haggan, who later suffered a knee injury.

Given Carolina's ability to run the ball (a near lock to continue against the Den defense at home) and rare use of spread offensive sets, Webster should see a lot more opportunity this week. If he's used in rotation, though it's less likely with the RB woes (Larsen may need to be ready there) and Haggan's injury, he's still a risk.


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