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Need 2 dedicated owners KR IDP SALARY CAP CONTRACT DYNASTY LEAGUE (1 Viewer)

Need a owner to take over a team

We have a very deep scoring and offense and defense formation set up . Hosted and played out on my fantasy league

Salary cap follows the nfl with 1-4 year contracts

Payout seasonal and empire league

$100 for seasonal pot $100 for empire pot .

league fee can be paid over a months via our league payment plan structure.

We use sports vault to secure the money but will be moving to league safe next year.

Please check out the rules and bylaws

Really good league for owners who want total control over their teams.

Any questions email me janderson.clffclub@gmail.com

Text 2024227878

LEAGUE NAME~ The next level GMs dynasty IDP league

This year all teams make playoff . So why not join up and try to Win the progressive pot in year 2.

2014 season and going forward the 16 team league will have 10 teams making the playoffs. It's a very fun and nfl style based league for those true GMs that want more out of fantasy football.

Teams that need owners ~ GOLD RUSH & TAMAP TERROR


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