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Need Community Convincing on FBG Subscription (1 Viewer)

Bobble Fett

I hope im not posting this in the wrong forum....

Hello everyone. I've never bit the bullet and subscribed to a paid service for Fantasy Football before.

Anywho, I want to know from you guys. The real source: The Shark Tank

What am I gaining from paying and joining Football Guys? I know we are on their forums, but i really want to know what i get for my money. I've read the "Why Subscribe" page in it's entirety, but what i really want to know is it worth $30 and are you actually winning your leagues when you choose to utilize the tools FBG provides with subscription? Does it make a difference?

Thanks for your time.

It makes very little difference in my fantasy football success. Probably 0 difference. But I come back for the contests.

Which is why it baffles me that so little attention is paid to the side contests...Wisdom of the Crowds and such. It's like pulling teeth trying to contact someone about WoC or even asking for a standings list from someone that works at FBG. Luckily, the community fills in most of the gaps.

You will find enough content to make you a better player. The first year I was over whelmed with the amount of content this site offers during the week. You have to find out what tools and articles work best for you and your leagues. Once you have that figured out it will raise your game up.

I love walking into my drafts every year with my VBD Cheetsheet, Football Guy Depth Chart and printed out excel spreadsheet to track the draft by team. No one in my league has yet to use the programs from this site so I dont say much about it.

To the original poster, I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. I had read/posted on these boards and thought I didn't need to subscribe. I was dead wrong

Footballguys is like the Goldman Sachs of fantasy football content sites. They have the people, analytical tools, breadth of content that will take your ff hobby to the next level

If I had a time machine, you could have gotten a free sub with a FPC team early bird sign up in June.

So if you skipped the post and just read this, subscribe and in 2014 you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner

I didn't have a subscription last season and still did really well. You can find the content for free elsewhere, on this forum, or on the podcast if money is an issue especially in comparison to your league buy-ins. I signed up this year for the software, the Fanduel discount and the contest. I can't say you can find those things anywhere else online all in one place. And you won't find as much content in one place as well. It will still be up to you to filter the information into winning.

$30 I feel it's a steal..

Love the content, the effort and the dedication..

I also feel like giving back as I listen a lot to the podcasts during the season which are free, but I would pay for.

This site helps you help yourself, you get out what you put in. So much content, it's a matter of how much time you can put in to get out a bump.

The never ending push for getting better, I've subscribed for 4 years now, one one championship in that span.

Every year it's a bit of luck to win another, but the fbg site and its community of writers is one of the reasons I enjoy fantasy football.. And I am happy to cough up the $30 for entertainment purposes alone..

Starting now, I'm on the site almost daily, until dec31 so that's a dollar a week... Good deal to me..

Plenty of free sites out there, plenty of paid ones, the subscription price I think is very fair for the amount of content..

Listen to the podcasts and you will feel the urge to want to contribute to this fine group of guys...

This question comes up every year and it's fair to be asked. Here is my take:

No where else can you get as much content for $25-30 (buy the early-bird!)

The subscriber contest is great fun! (worth $30+ to me)

Daily email updates (worth $20+ to me)

Podcasts (worth $20+ to me)

Message Boards that are the best in the business and very informative. (worth $30+ to me)

The Draft Dominator!!! (worth $30+ to me)

Add it all up!

The site is expensive to maintain. Free boards wouldn't be free without the subscribers IMO.

Sign up and thank me later!

I am a staffer, but was a subscriber for several years first and just want to touch on a few things.

1) The Draft Dominator is an outstanding tool to use to draft and was worth the price of subscription for me

2) The MyFBG software really helps fantasy players to monitor multiple teams, regarding identifying waiver wire possibilities and even provides an alternate set of eyes to help choose week to week starters

3) The subscriber contests are so much fun to play and interact with the membership here

4) And I did not even mention the various sets of rankings or any of the articles... Check out The Player Spotlight Threads and articles for great discussion and summary of the players

simey said:
No where else can you get as much content for $25-30 (buy the early-bird!)
I didn't see an early-bird this year. Was there one that wasn't related to fan duel?
Yep! March or April it ended.
I think it ended some time in June iirc. The same day the Fanduel deal was announced because I bought my subscription to get the EB price and like a day later the deal was announced.

Became a subscriber in '03 and have never, ever regretted it. Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator are the tools that I come back for every year. I have won multiple titles in various leagues and plenty of cash over and over during the last 10 years. I absolutely can guarantee that I never would have gotten any better at this hobby without FBG. Of course, like others have mentioned, the preseason and weekly content is daunting to read through it all. But, taking the time to sift through it during the course of one year, you will soon be able to narrow down the content which will benefit you the most.

I consider myself an expert now and would never have gotten this knowledgeable without an FBG subscription.

Bite the $$ bullet, you will never, ever regret it.

Specific scoring system rankings in the my team section is continually a win for me. It also color codes free agents available in your MFL leagues. It's a dream come true for 12:50 last minute IDP pickups before kickoff in week 6.

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It's 30 bucks.
Right???!!! I'm blown away every year by the, prove to me that I should spend the equiv. of a case of beer on the most detailed and advanced fantasy website on the planet.

I've been a member since the very beginning. (Do we still have the numbers? I was double digits I thought, and that was after the site move which was years ago)So hear is my answer. I started here as a single guy and no children and could dedicate hours to FF. The detailed weekly analysis was excellent then and is just absurd now. You literally can spend half of every day reading exceptional analysis on what's happening now. A great deal of their work is plagarized (summarized) by major players, but FBG is always first. I always tell folks that if some random Guard has an irregular bowel movement, FBG will have a full paragraph on the impacts to rushing production within the hour.

Now I've got 2 kids, a wife and an extremely demanding job. I can't hang on the forums and my FF reading is pretty minimal before hand and even worse during the season. FBG is my savior. The "who should I start", waiver wire, up/down weekly analysis help me quickly catch-up and able to continue to be competitive. And I can't say enough about the draft tools. VBD, Dominator and now the draft app. Exceptional.

This is the best $30 you will EVER spend. Don't even wait.

The in-season articles and emails saves me so much time during the season.

The upgrades/downgrades, WW additions, and game summaries put it all in one neat little package. I don't have time to watch every game like I used to and the info provided gives you a good handle on what went down that week in case you missed anything.

I'll also plug Dodds' and Bloom's rankings which always help.

Since subscribing in '10 have won a championship every year across my regular leagues in including going back to back in '11 & '12 in my oldest league.

The content is high-quality and there is so much of it; there is no way I could read everything they put out.

It's way better than buying a couple of hard copy rags like I used to and about the same price.


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