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Need help on which IDP to take... (1 Viewer)


Looking to take the best available player in this keeper league with a slow draft. Doesnt matter the position just want to pick the best available. I already have all of my starters set, so this is just for the bench. Here is the scoring:Tackle Solo (1)Tackle Assist (0.5)Sack (3)Interception (2)Fumble Force (2)Fumble Recovery (2)Touchdown (6)Safety (2)Pass Defended (1)Block Kick (2) With this known, who do you think would be the best to take out of Aaron Schobel, Thomas Davis, Sammy Knight, Ken Hamlin, Sean Jones or Chris Claiborne. If you could, list me the top 3 in order, that would be helpful.

You said it was a keeper league..... how many keepers? Are you looking for scoring potential this year only, or are you looking for a draft pick you can keep for a while? For just this year, I like Knight, Claiborne and Schobel.For keepers (or dynasty) I like Davis, Jones and Schobel.

we keep the starters each year. So in essence, i probably wouldnt keep him, though i could consider keeping him over Arrington if he is not healthy (if I drafted Davis). But i am more or less looking for scoring this year. Thanks for your help!

Also, Jeff Ulbrich is available, would you see him being a better bet then any of the others mentioned?

I would take Aaron Schobel - 4-3 DEs are worth more to me than DBs and I don't trust Claiborne to stay healthy.

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