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Need help picking a third (1 Viewer)


12 team. Standard scoring. I need a 3rd WR for this week. I picked up Garcon b/c why not? I won't list every FA but pickens are pretty slim. Noteabls are Mike Williams, Randall Cobb, Maurice Harris, Dede Westbrook, Josh Doctson, Marquise Goodwin, Cole Beasley, Anthony Miller, Antonio Callaway, and David Moore. Oh and Devante Parker. They all seem like such wild cards or should I not even be all that worried since they are all just wild cards? 

Harris, and Moore are both worthwhile. I would start either of them over Garcon. San Francisco will not be playing Oakland again.

That is not a good list.

Moore is may your best play, but Seattle never throws the ball so you better hope when they do it goes to him.  I also like both Washington receivers against TB.  Somebody has to do well against those guys.  Doctson leads the team in targets but it is very close.

I would rather have Goodwin over Garcon of the SF receivers.......

As for who else it kind of depends if you are looking for a high floor or high ceiling.  If you want a high ceiling I would go with Callaway.  The Atlanta D is not the greatest and he is due for a big play.  I kind of have a feeling it happens this week.  For a higher floor I would go with Harris if Crowder is out but stay away if Crowder is playing.  If Crowder plays then I would shift to Westbrook.  He seems to have found a nice floor over the past few weeks. 


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