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Need help with decision at safety (1 Viewer)


1 pt/tackle, 5 pts/sack, 6pts/INT, 6pts/TD, 5pts/Fum RecWe start 2 safeties and I have Troy Polamalu, Chris Hope and Mike Doss. I have been starting Polamalu and Hope, but both have been disappointing recently. Doss hasn't been any better though.My question is, for this week, should I put Doss in? It looks like much of Indy's Def is out- Sanders, Mathis, Freeney, Reagor, etc. He may have a chance to rack up the tackles. I would most likely replace Hope with Doss- Hope is ranked higher for the week by Football Guys, but Polamalu is too much of a big play guy to take out. Sorry for the late question....thanks for your input!!


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