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Need help with waiver wire please (1 Viewer)


12 team, PPR league. 6 pts per TD.

I need either a WR, a TE or a RB for a Flex spot in my line up. Who would you pick and why from these guys. Thank you for your feedback.

Ted Ginn

Quincy Enunwa

Philip Lindsay

Jared Cook

Tyler Lockett

Ryan Grant

For me I'd start with Lindsay for season long, he is the real deal and based on week one is the better PPR RB in Denver. After that I''d say Enunwa and Grant. If only for a streamer for a couple of weeks Lockett should be a great play until Baldwin comes back.

Hard to go wrong with that much talent available. I see these players as having similar value, but I’d give Lockett the most upside after the Baldwin injury. 

Linsday is a good receiving back, but I think Freeman will start to dominate touches as the team runs more. 

Enunwa is my 2nd choice - dude is pretty underrated. He looked great last night & so did his young QB.

for me Lockett is the pickup. 

I'd go with Enunwa since his target share was so high...granted, it's hard to know how things play out over a one-game sample, but he had a good rapport with him this preseason and I suspect the Jets will see more negative game scripts than not, so he may continue to see a high target share. I like Lindsay if you're looking for the long-term, upside play.


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