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Waiver Pick Help Rachaad White (1 Viewer)


Full-PPR 12 Team 1QB 3WR 2RB Flex TE Def K 0-1
QB T Lance
WR CD Lamb, C Sutton, A St. Brown, Zay Jones, D Hopkins G Pickens
RB B Hall, T Etienne, D Singletary, K Herbert, I Pacheco, JD McKissic, IR B Robinson Jr
TE Kelce

Rachaad White was drop to the waiver wire is available Sep 17 for waiver wire claims. I have the #1 claim. Should I use the #1 claim for Rachaad White or pick him up after waiver wire?
I feel it won't be long before L Fournette sideline. My thing is I don't want to miss out and someone put in a claim for him.

Thank you,
Fournette is dinged with a hammy and was limited in today's practice. If you want to gamble I would put in a claim for White and hope that Fournette misses time.

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