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Need my biggest upside lineup this week (1 Viewer)


Looking for a little advice here. I am a lock in the number 1 seed for the playoffs so winning this week means nothing to me. I am 36 points down on the point leader for the season and there is a payout for point leader. He is down Melvin Gordon and M. Thomas didn't do too much last night. I need to set my lineup with highest potential upside to try and take over that lead. So....what lineup would you guys roll with? Full point PPR with no bonuses for yardage. QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX  Only have one kicker and Denver defense so won't even mention that.

Luck or Winston? I'm going back and forth here. I know Winston likely has big upside here, but I am VERY hesitant to trust Winston always.

RB- Lamar Miller, Chubb, Kamara, Kerryon

WR- JuJu, D. Adams, Corey Davis, A Rob, Ridley

TE- Hooper, Uzomah

My current lineup is set as Winston, Kamara, Chubb, JuJu, Adams, Corey Davis, Hooper, Tucker, Denver

- Luck over Winston, Luck thew Jacksonville for nearly 300 yds and 3 TDs and has been  more consistent
- I'd also pick Lamar over Davis since Cleveland's defense is (statistically) worse than the Jets (pass AND rush)
- Hooper clearly has more general upside but that Baltimore defense though...


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