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Need replacement manager 12-team/ point per catch/ IDPs (1 Viewer)


League is on yahoo. This team will be 2 and 2 after this week.

$60. dues through leaguesafe, however unfortunately the deadline has already passed so leaguesafe will charge you an extra $10.

QB's: Eli Manning, Matt Shaub
RB's: Alfred Morris, Ryan Matthews
WR's:: Calvin Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Anquan Boldin, Percy Harvin
TE's: Brandon Myers, Brent Celek
Defense: San Francisco
Kicker: Justin Tucker
IDP'S: Patrick Willis, Ladraius Webb, Luke Kuechly, William Moore

Start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1flex, 2IDP's

1 point/ reception, 1 point/ 20 yards receiving, 1 point/ 10 yards rushing, 1 point/ 30 return yards, 6 points all td's.

team currently has the full $100 FAAB budget for the season, one open roster spot, and lots of room for improvement if you drop a couple of the IDP'S and one of the TE's if you choose.

This team has lots of potential for an active manager and I would like to get someone in by today so you can place bids on waivers for tomorrow night. If interested, send me an email at k_krause09@yahoo.com


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