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Need upside RB for week16 and 17 (1 Viewer)

Which RB has the least upside as a potential week 16-17 starter.

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Hi All,

I have a great chance to win my home league (12-team PPR where there is no flex and we start 2 RB and 2WR). I will have a bye until the week 16 and week 17 playoffs if I win this week. But the Burrow injury crushed me at WR (Chase) and RB (Mixon). I cut a PK to chase RBs.

Need to cut one of Rico Dowdle, Samaje Perine, and Jeff WIlson. Which RB has the least upside as a potential week 16-17 starter.

QB (start 1)
Justin Herbert

WR (start 2)

Amon-Ra St. Brown
Ja'Marr Chase
Tank Dell
Jayden Reed

RB (start 2)
D'Andre Swift
Joe Mixon
James Cook
Elijah Mitchell
Rico Dowdle
Samaje Perine
Jeff Wilson Jr.

TE (start 1)
T.J. Hockenson
Trey McBride

PK (start 1)

DEF (start 1)
They all have the same chance of being a starter those weeks. It takes an injury for that to happen. That being said, Wilson may take two injuries to realize his upside. For that reason I might choose him as the drop candidate.
Wilson has the most upside but as mentioned needs a couple injuries ahead of him.

I’m not dropping Samaje. He has decent stand alone value and upside if Williams went down.

Ricos upside is a bit capped because Dallas likes to pass. Also, I think he isn’t as skilled as the other two.

With Achane back, I’d drop Wilson.

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