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NEW Dynasty Startup League - Basic Scoring (TDs, FGs only), Flex (1 Viewer)


I'm attempting to start a league (Gridiron Geeks Dynasty League) that mimics NFL scoring. There will be no 200-point games here.
The scoring:
6 points for receiving / rushing TDs, defensive / special teams TDs, and all fumble recovery TDs
3 points for passing TDs and field goals of all lengths
2 points for receiving / rushing PATs, defensive safeties, and special teams PAT returns
1 point for passing and kicking PATs

In short, an NFL score will be a score here. Final scores will resemble actual NFL final scores and its player scoring will mimic the NFL's player scoring. That means kickers will be valued. And so will McCaffrey, LaPorta, M Evans, Hurts, J Allen, and Lamb.

Dynasty, 22-player rosters, no IR, MFL to host.

Starting lineups:
1 QB
4 Flexes (RB, WR, and/or TE)
1 PK
1 Def/ST
The only roster requirement is that it covers a starting lineup. If you want 15 RBs, cool.

Other (I'm mostly flexible on this):
$100 entry fee + site-hosting costs. Award money to league winner, runners-up, points champ, and/or division winners.
$25 refundable deposit; refundable after 3 years of league participation to incentivize continuity and commitment.
Money collection via Venmo or PayPal; rosters are locked until payment received.
If 8+ teams, we'll have 2 divisions and rotate them every 3-4 years. Looking for ideally 8-12 teams, but in a startup year, I'm okay with a handful if you are as we expand.
Initial draft via website, then annual 2- or 3-round rookie drafts during the summer.
Weekly waiver requests plus FCFS thereafter until kickoff (FCFS in the offseason).
H2H format plus H2H playoffs; no ties.
I'd prefer to have an assistant commissioner to split duties with me.
A multi-manager committee to handle anything not covered in the Rulebook.

This is how I run my current league. I've been playing FF since 1987 and commissioning my league since 1992, though have never started a league.

I mocked a 5-game season using existing rosters in another league to give an idea of scoring: https://www49.myfantasyleague.com/2023/home/22175#0
I acknowledge that this league won't be for most of you, and I can't promise it'll happen in '24, but that's my target. At this point I'm gauging interest in it so let me know by reply here or by email (samm71@yahoo.com) if you're intrigued.

Thanks for reading.

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