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New England ILBs (1 Viewer)

Portis 26

Madden Freak
Chad Brown looks set at one ILB position, but is Vrabel confirmed in the other, or is Beisel the guy there? How's Beisel doing?

Vrabel appears to be hurt worse than the team is leading on. If that is the case, Beisel would be the starter. Haven't heard alot about him but the Patriots seem to be pretty happy with him.

Unfortunately, the Pats are very hush-hush with every facet of their football team (injuries, projected starters, etc). It's my understanding Brown and Vrabel are the starting ILB's, while McGinest and Colvin are the starting OLB's. Beisel will probably be the #1 backup ILB with Tully-Bain as the #1 backup at OLB.

How about this year?

I have Beisel as my LB #7 and just wondering if he's worth hanging on to.


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