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I was impressed with RB Mike Jemison of the Sea Devils but his impact will be limited because of Willie Parker and Staley but Staley will get hurt maybe giving him an opportunity.

I also like what I have seen the Ansterdam's WR Lucas (GB) and Fulton (SEA) and Rhiein's Samp (CAR)

Doing guys think any of these or anyone else will make to the real deal this year

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It seems like there's another step to an NFLE player's progress. They need to put in another year in the NFL.

Last year's best: (Def player of year)Rich Scanlon and (MVP?)Ruvell Martin.

Scanlon looked good at times but didn't play all that much. He pushed Mitchell in camp a little bit but lost out. I'd expect him to give a bigger push this year.

Martin who caught a TD pass almost every game if not every game in NFLE is on Green Bay now. I expect we'll hear his name. I thought he'd make an impact last year (with SD)but got egg on my face.

Gibran Hamdan was sharp last year and got hurt in NFLE. He's back this year and playing excellent. (The guy you saw throwing to Lucas) I don't much care for Seattle's backups so IMO he could earn a roster spot no prob. It's Hass' team though so unless there is an injury we won't see him.

O-Linemen seem to make the biggest and quietest impact lately.

Drew Henson, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Here is the set up...... cowboys start the season 5-0, Bledsoe goes out on a bootleg....broken play......a guy comes free......Bledsoe gets a bruised sternum...out 4-6 weeks......enter a young inexperienced quarterback from Michigan.......takes the Cowboys to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl.......once again, a Michigan QB comes out of no where and takes his team to the big game.....

OK! OK! A guy can dream can't he......


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