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NFL Mock Draft challenge featured on Deadspin (1 Viewer)


I'm fairly new to Football guys and there have been a ton of threads about the NFL Draft so I'm not sure if this deserves it's own topic but I thought I would post it here (moderators please move this if appropriate).

Deadspin Deadspin Best of the Blogdome -- Bloggers vs. Mel Kiper Jr. featured a new site today called FanIQ that has a mock draft and over 100 other questions dealing with the NFL draft for hardcore fans. They're also putting Mel Kiper's picks in before the draft so you can see how you do in comparison to the so called experts. It's pretty hardcore -- here are some sample questions:

Conference by Conference (predict how many picks per team)

NFL Draft Wide Receivers - Predict the Pick

Which position will be selected most?

How many trades will there be in the first round?

Who will be the best running back in three years?

What will the highest traded pick be?

Here is the link to go directly to the NFL Draft Challenge League (requires free registration but they're also giving away some free t-shirts to the winners):

FanIQ NFL Draft Challenge (scroll to bottom for mock draft and polls)

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