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NFL Potpourri Thread (1 Viewer)


I don't know about most of you, but I'm one of those organized people in a messy sort of way. In other words, I have piles of stuff in areas where it appears I'm a slob, but I totally know where everything is.

To my point. I see the value in having threads dedicated to specific topics and minimizing the number of threads with repeated topics. I get it and I'm fine with it. However, sometimes you lose the discussion aspect with such rigid expectations of thread compliance. Sometimes, you get going on a topic and it flows into another and there's this unnatural resistance that doesn't allow for a true discussion. Maybe you want to ask advice on player A because the topic opened the door for that question. Whatever the case may be, it would be nice to have that freedom without having to worry about staying on topic.

With that, I thought it might be an OK idea to start one thread for the purpose stated above, which is to have 1 unified NFL potpourri thread where anything NFL related is considered on topic. This is essentially a "free for all" thread within the Shark Pool where the only rule is the topic must be NFL related. One central spot for the daily forumites to gather and talk freely without the restraints of a topic-specific thread. Even advice questions are welcome! If that's where the discussion leads someone, so be it. If nobody answers, so be that too!

I'm just going to call out a few observations from the 5 drafts I've participated in so far this season. Whether the discussion builds from that or not? Doesn't matter.

1. For someone like me who drafts his first RB well past round 5 most seasons, Ryan Matthews appears to be a STEAL this season. I've never owned the guy before, that's to say, I've never been a fan. But in round 6 (my last draft) - you can't afford not to draft him if you need a RB. He's a starting RB with youth and (hopefully) motivation. A new coaching staff... again, not a fan but a starting RB with upside in round 6 is great value.

2. I won't be drafting Randall Cobb. This guy is going waaaayyyy too early if you ask me. Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Percy Harvin, Victor Cruz, Vincent Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Hakeem Nicks - all of these guys were drafted AFTER Cobb. Overvalued uncertainty? No thanks.

3. After 5 drafts (3 best ball, 2 normal redraft) of drafting two top 10 QBs (Ryan/Romo, Brady/Griffin, P. Manning/Romo), I think I'm waiting on QB in my remaining drafts. Drafting the above combos in rounds 4/5ish might be over drafting. Even if I believe I'm getting two top 5 QBs, I think I'm still better off grabbing 3 of these guys (Eli, Dalton, Roethlisberger, Freeman, Rivers, Palmer, Schaub), all of who could be had after round 11 or 12.

A lot of dynasty owners have to be worried about Harvin's hip right now. Although I do not own Harvin in any league, I hope he doesn't need surgery and this injury blows over.


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