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Looking for information on Nick Greisen - he did very well filling in last season with the Giants. He was looking to get more money and the last I read was:

Titans | Contract proposals exchanged for Greisen

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 13:12:04 -0800

Jim Wyatt, of the Tennessean, reports the Tennessee Titans and the agent for free agent LB Nick Greisen (Giants) have exchanged contract proposals.


If he ends up with the Titans will it be a starting gig at WLB or MLB? Bulluck is the WLB according to the FBG depth charts. Seeing as his natural position is not SLB does that mean he might just end up being a backup as he was with the Giants.

Ive always thought of Greisen as a somewhat marginal LB that is really just decent depth in the NFL. That being said, the Titans MLB situation is cloudy, with Peter Sirmon asking for a release and having little if any recent experience at MLB, Brad Kassell still a free agent, and unproven Robert Reynolds as the backup.

Kassell, the starter last year, was a gamer without great physical gifts like Greisen, so it wouldnt be shocking for the Titans to go with someone like him in the middle.

Definitely a situation to watch if you're looking for cheap LB help.

Griesen told the Giants he wants starter money. The Giants told him it ain't gonna happen. He may remain in NY if he can't find his payday elsewhere. I can't imagine anyone signing him to start. Bloom's right, the guy is depth material only. If asked to start for a long stretch opposing offenses would exploit his weaknesses. Of course he's never started for a long stretch because he can't ever seem to stay healthy. I'm a bit surprised that the Titans were talking to him. He reminds me a lot of Titans backer Rocky Calmus, who IIRC Tennessee made littel effort to retain.

greisen is a smart football player that plays better than his measurables. he is capable of playing any of the three lb positions and is a great 4th lb'er, but is just an adequate starter. He wants to play MLB, and that is the main reason he likely won't be back with the giants. He would be asked to play WLB if he played and remained a starter. The titans look to be a great fit for him and he could suprise and be a top 20-30 FF LB'er if he starts at MLB for them.

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