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Non-PPR Flex: Chark or Beckham (1 Viewer)


With the postponement of the Steelers-Titans, I'm losing Conner in what was a good RB matchup. Obviously I take a hit as I have Gaskins or Ronald Jones to plug in as my RB 2 (assuming Mostert will not play this week). Looking to make up ground where I can and I'm struggling between OBJ and DJ Chark as my flex. I was leaning towards OBJ as I assume Cleveland will need to throw in this one to keep up with Dallas, but the fact remains, he's just so volatile. Chark on the other hand, he's a true #1 for his team, and he's a favorite RZ target for Minshew. This is a non-PPR, and rest of my lineup is strong with Breese, Kamara, Allan Robinson, Mike Evans, TJ Hock.


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