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Non-PPR- Ware or Michel? (1 Viewer)


Playoff spot on the line.  (Of course I have Hunt and Fournette!!!)

RB's---- Lindsay, Ware, Michel

Wr's- Thielen, Cooks, Evans

Was going to start all 3 WR's with a flex position. Do I start Ware over Michel or do I sit a Wr and play all 3 RB's?

Not sure I quite get your starting requirements but I would rank them as Ware, Lindsay, Thielen, Michel, Cooks, Evans

Man, I am in the minority here, but I'm not seeing sitting Evans as a reasonable option at all. 

I'd sit Michel.

If I were ranking them it would be: Thielen>Cooks>Evans>Ware>Lindsay>Michel


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