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OBJ or Barkley (1 Viewer)


Need help in keeper league. Can keep up to 2 players. Don’t have to keep any. Keep 1 lose first rounder, keep 2 lose first and second. Guys I’d think about are OBJ, Rodgers, Watson and Howard. I’m thinking of just keeping OBJ. Keepers aren’t decided until draft day and I’m assuming all top rbs will be kept. That said I think I could not keep OBJ and get Barkley in the first round. Might be better long term but hard to drop OBJ. Thoughts



I would keep OBJ and Howard (if you think most of the top tier RB's are kept.  That gives you a solid 1-2 punch.  Not much value but probably a pair you would have a chance at in most typical snake drafts picking in the back half. 



I would keep OBJ, not worth the risk of not getting Barkley (and I'm assuming none of the top 5 RB's). Howard may be keepable depending on your draft number and whom you think would be available to you in the second round.


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