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Odd-man Out, Non-PPR, from Barkley, E. Mitchell, D. Montgomery, Godwin, R. Woods (1 Viewer)


Trying to pick between my 2 RB spots, WR2 (Davante Adam is my WR1), and Flex. Landed Elijah Mitchell at a steeper than I'd like FAB price, but tough matchup, and Saquon has a tough D on short rest tonight. Who is my odd man out?

Pick 4

David Montgomery
Elijah Mitchell
Robert Woods
Chris Godwin


Drake Hater

Haven't done non-PPR in a while and the Thursday night game adds some pressure on this decision b/c I think you're choice is between Barkley & Mitchell here. Even though I'm not a Barkley fan, with questions surrounding the SF backfield at this point I'd feel forced to go: 

Barkley, Monty, Woods and Godwin. 

A little easier if you could wait until Sunday for everything to shake down. And that's facing a tough WFT defensive line (even though they didn't play too well last week). 

Someone else should have better insight on this...



I think it's probably Barkley this week. I can't imagine they would have him on a pitch count 4 days ago, then blow him out tonight, they have to be smarter than that and the 10 day break has to be appealing to them. And he's already listed as Q with knee. Mitchell is the debate for sure, but he seems fresh and probably really wants to secure his spot. They might want to see what they have in Sermon and it's not like he is starting cold given his pre-season usage. I'd get antsy with Barkley on my bench too, but I feel like he's probably still in that gotta see it mode.



Thanks guys--as a Giants fan who was a huge Barkley fan when he was in college, I have to put the bias aside and go with hiim on the bench. I just am not feeling it. I kept him on the bench for Most-hurt last week, and, well, they did produce equally at least (for the wrong reason).



My takeaways from last night, other than the refs played too big of a role. Barkley looked great and his only competition for touches is Jones, which oddly enough it almost appeared that they ran Jones in place of Barkley at times (why do that to your franchise). Unless limited in practices, he seems ready for the coming weeks.


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