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OFFENSE/DEFENSE Contest Week 2 (1 Viewer)


IBL Representative
Coordinator +34
bro1ncos +29
RiffRaff +27
RealReactions +27
Deamon +25
TheWinz +25
cdwood +25
Genester +25
Moniker +21
BankerGuy +18
Ardbeg4ever +17
Galileo +15
Rubi +13
davidwb +12
ffmail4me +12
nysfl2 +12
~OZ~ +11
RandyQB +11
Bonfire +11
Gally +10
Jimmy B +10
Pip's Invitation +9
Hot Sauce Guy +7
Cheesypoof +7
Heckmanm +7
Just Win Baby +7
Simsarge +7
Bobby Layne +5
J Rod +5
Timmay +4
Jabrony +4
Houston turmOiler +3
Maggot Brain +3
Dr. Octopus +3
SoBeDad +3
Cowboysfan8 +3
facook +2
Chaka +2
Utter Chaos +2
Obie Wan +0
Weebs210 -1
Quizguy66 -1
Neil Beaufort Zod -1
SeniorVBDStudent -1
themeistersinger -1
The General -1
needanap -2
32 Counter Pass -3
SayWhat? -3
Caesar -3
GodsBrother -5
Farfromforgotten -6
JIslander -7

Link to Week 1 thread

54 entries this year. Up 2 from last season and we will typically get 2-3 more players that jump in over the next week or two. As a reminder to those returning and those of you new, to be eligible for the prizes you must participate in a minimum of 14 out of the 18 weeks. I will post the weekly thread typically on Tuesday with updated standings. It will get bumped on Thursdays at a minimum. On either Friday or Saturday I will tag regular players that are missing that week. If you miss a week, I will tag you again the following week. If you miss two consecutive weeks I will no longer tag you until you jump back into one of the new weeks. You are always eligible to jump back into the contest. You can submit your weekly entry up until kick off Monday night as long as you have a new offense and defense available to you that hasn't kicked off that week.

Lot of season to go. There is no one out of it. Last year we had 19 players that posted first week scores lower than the worst score in week 1 this year and many of those worked their way back into the top 10 by the end of the season.

@coordinator jumps out to an early lead,but things can and will change quickly in week 2. Now that all of us have more knowledge about good offenses and defenses this game gets so much easier. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

As usual, always check my math because I will inadvertently make some input errors and get a score or two wrong during the season.

Remember, you now need to start being aware of your picks and making sure you aren't repeating an offense or defense.
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+11 at least I’m starting positive this year :clap:
O :deadhorse: (colts)
D 🐧 (ravens)

Week 2
O 🎰🏴‍☠️
D 👼🐏
O - Eagles
D - Panthers

Week 2
O - Commanders
D - Bengals

**Updated, changed offense from Bills to Commanders on Saturday evening**
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Sitting at +25

Offense - KC
Defense - SF

Week 2
Offense - The Bills of Buffalo
Defense - The Packers of Green Bay

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