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Offensive Lines / has anyone used them as a position (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, not sure if this is the form to ask this. But I’ve been running our league for 14 years now. I’m looking for new ideas for team Defences and maybe getting rid of kickers. Does anyone have a great point system for D’s that would help make D trades in the NFL more interesting (without using IDP)?  

 Also, has anyone thought or tried using Offensive Lines as a position? Love to know if someone has a fun scoring system for that. 

About 10 years ago I was in a league that used Off line. Forget the exact scoring but you got points for 1st downs rushing,rushing TDs,sackless game and total rushing yards. You lost points on sacks and neg run plays. This league also had a head coach spot that was 10pts for a win and minus 10 for a loss.

Awesome...thanks for responding. I'm looking into ideas of maybe removing kickers and improving Def points. Just wondered about OFF Line points and if they would be fun or not. 


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