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Question about QB sack projections (1 Viewer)


I was looking at the FBG QB sack projections for all the teams, and I don't know if it's pay info or not, so I will keep the discussion very vanilla. When you click "Rankings" on the FBG home page (not the rankings with the picture of Mahomes and company, but the rankings above it), you can then click on "Team Projections", located under "Season-Long Projections". You then will see projections for basically every position, broken down by player as well. For example, let's use ARI. The projections are very specific and list stats for QB's Murray, Ridder, and Tune. You can then scroll down add see 5 RB's, 7 WR's, 5 TE's, etc. It even has projections for IDP, team D, and kicker. In total, there are individual projections for 46 specific players on the Cardinals. These in-depth projections are fantastic and I thank FBG for digging so deep already. Also, I am sure these projections are fluid and will change as the season nears.

I am getting an early jump, trying to pick some good defense by committee combos, and with the scoring system, sacks are by far the most important. By the way, the scoring system I am talking about is the yearly subscriber contest. Anyway, as I went through the projections, a few things stood out like sore thumbs:
- A rookie QB, who the website obviously projects to play the entire season, is projected as the least sacked QB in the league? And not only that, but by the biggest margin between 2 QB's in the league. That has to be a mistake.
- The projected sack totals are so vanilla (under-projected), they shouldn't even be listed. For example, they have the most sacked team taking only 38 sacks? Yeah right! The average team over the last 10 seasons got sacked 39 times. Overall, if you ignore the sack totals and just concentrate on their rankings, it's palatable, but still has many flaws. There are 2 old-time QB's that are famous for not taking sacks listed in the top 10, and their O-lines are rated very high.

Has anyone else dug into these numbers yet?

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