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Offered Ju Ju for J.Conner + J.Brown by L. Bell owner (1 Viewer)


The L.Bell owner in my league just offered me Ju Ju Smith Schuster for James Conner and John Brown. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger as I have no idea if Bell will return to the Steelers and make Conner useless. On the other hand if Bell is out for an extended period of time Connner could be a low end rb 1.Would you make this deal? Here is my team. It’s a 1/2 point ppr league...Thanks in advance!

QB/ Andrew Luck, Pat Mahomes, Jimmy G

RB/ T.Gurley, L.Miller, C.Hyde, P. Barber, J.Conner

WR/ T.Y. Hilton, S.Diggs, J.Gordon, M.Goodwin, J.Brown

TE/ T.Burton

D/ Saints

My fear is I deal Conner and Bell doesn't come back. If that's the case Conner is the steal of the year.

I like the deal, but your starting requirements would help solidify what is a need and what is just depth. If you start 3 WRs, definitely. You would be cashing in on a WW guy who will lose value. It is just a matter of time when that happens.


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