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***OFFICIAL*** 2018 Cakeleeg Thread - 28th round is "touch and go" (1 Viewer)

Chemical X

Doctor Detroit said:
You gotta have a lot go right to win Cake, so if you have ten guys on the DL and you're picking up Alex Cobb and Ian Kennedy as streamers you probably aren't gonna win.  :mellow:
no surprise, not gonna happen for me again.  those 62 innings of sonny gray and lance lynn so far are rough.  losing knebel for 6 weeks doesn’t help.  i have enough offencively, but i just can’t draft pitchers that regularly win games.


Chemical X

I know you guys must be delerious with suspense regarding my academic future so I thought I'd drop an update in here:

I just enrolled in the full-time MBA program at Pepperdine University so it looks like my last day as a working stiff for at least a year or two will be August 14th. 

They gave me a full academic scholarship (and I didn't get into UCLA). Cheers  :banned:
I always wondered how these people earned an income during this period......


Doctor Detroit

Please remove your headgear
I won this ####### league last year.  I'd consider it an expert league, but we have X in here which makes it no better than a random internet league.

I've accomplished nothing, :bag:


Chemical X

I am trying desperately to shock the fantasy world here.  Hoping my pitching is enough and the deal for Merrifield gets me the steals I need.


Chemical X

thought i had a chance, closer death kilt me and i specifically drafted what i thought were fool proof closers this year.  3rd is better than last!



Congrats to Pickles. 

@General Malaise I confirmed my pay pal with you at Golfsino. 

I was sweating three leagues yesterday to money so I was monitoring each game and the teams in my league. 

Fun fact. I traded X Carlos Rodon for Max Muncy and they both were meh. However I started Muncy even though he was not in Dodgers lineup because I knew he’d get at least one at bat. I finished 1 RBI ahead of cosjobs, and .5 points ahead of X. Muncy hit a two run homer in the 5th. :coffee:  


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