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***Official 9th Pick*** Draft Strategy Thread (1 Viewer)


Mods please delete if this is a duplicate, but I was unable to find any threads this off-season on this specific draft slot.

Would love to hear thoughts from any other drafters who either a) have this spot and are yet to draft or b) have this spot and have already drafted. Additionally, we know that each league is different (scoring, roster sizes, teams, etc.) so please include that in your thoughts so that we may have a frame of reference.

Hoping to make this a good place of targeted discourse surrounding this particular draft slot.


For me,

League Info: 10 Teams, Start 2 QB, .5 PPR, Only play 2 RBs at a time

I've mocked draft and then utilized the "rate my team function" using both the DD as well as the Draft GM app. In both scenarios, I get the most favorable analysis when I REALLY wait on QBs (i.e. ending up with a trio of Bradford/Flacco/A. Smith) and then go RB/RB with begin, getting 2 of the following (Spiller/Richardson/McCoy/Lynch/CJ/Morris).

It seems that in the 1st round, I tend to miss out on the big 3 of QBs (Rodgers/Brees/Manning). I also generally miss out on the following RBs (AP/Martin/Charles/Foster). I definitely miss out on Calvin. So in terms of that first pick, I'm generally looking at a QB like Newton/Ryan/Brady/Kaep, a RB like Spiller/Richardson/McCoy/Lynch and maybe one of those first 4 who slide or the #2 WR of my liking (Green or Dez).


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