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Offseason - Free Agency/Trade Rumor Thread (1 Viewer)

A couple of Vikings rumors:

Personally heard: Vikings and Jermaine Wiggins are close to a contract agreement.

Secondary rumor: Vikings have reached an agreement with Fred Smoot. 5 years for up to $35 million in incentives.
Good calls! :thumbup:
Smoot is a playmaker, and an intimidator, just what the Vikings need.Wiggins, well, he's a solid guy, whicj they haven't had either.

as Spike said:


hope all is well with you Mike.

Add Rueben Droughns to this list.  Denver is seeking a high round draft pick and a middle round draft pick in exchange for Droughns. :D
This situation is similar to when Shanahan was asking for a 1st round draft pick for Mike Anderson after his good season. There were no takers.
I agree

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