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Open-toe shoes vs Knee-high boots (1 Viewer)

Do you have a foot fetish?

  • Gross! No!

    Votes: 52 62.7%
  • Kinda, sorta, depends on the feet

    Votes: 29 34.9%
  • I love women's feet more than Rex Ryan does

    Votes: 2 2.4%

  • Total voters

Al O'Pecia

We're at that time of year when the ladies retire their open-toe shoes (sandals, strapped heels, etc.) in favor of their favorite knee-high boots.  Both can be incredible sexy looks, but which is sexier?

[Note:  Mods, chicks are into this conversation.  They honestly want to know what men think on these subjects.  Let's not get overly squishy and censor a light-hearted topic both sexes can enjoy.]

Knee high boots are stupid.  I don't understand how this became a thing, how it lasted for so long, and why so many treat this stuff as a required uniform.  We are going on like 3 or 4 years of this fad just owning women's fashion.  I think it's probably something that gets buy-in because even the fatties can fit in them without looking absurd.    

Never understood foot fetishes, but i do know that feet are right up there with lips, mind & boatman as a place a good mate pays steady attention to. My Mary measured out at 14 on that weird shoestore contraption, though my gigantic darling wore 13s for vanity's sake. In the 80s, nobody wore 6-inch spikes cept my gal and NObody's worn em better. Her top-dollar clients when she was a callgirl in SanFran were mostly foot guys, cuz them dogs was shonuff sumna see.

One of the things i'm proudest of is that i never had "c'mon, honey, it's Saturday" sex. Except for a very few gals, i always moved on well before it got close to that. Scary Mary was a pro and could get in the mood for a romp easily during our twelve years together, but i always made sure she had footrubs even when she didn't need em and she always made sure to wave that giraffe booty in my direction regular. Best deal i ever made.

Suzy Kolber was wearing some serious toe cleavage shoes a few weeks back. I thought old Rex was going to have a heart attack right on the field.

Here's the other thing that is amazing about these knee high boots, they are super cheap.  

Target has these things for like $25 bucks a pair.   I know this because I work with so many women that treat these things like it's compulsory to wear them if the high temp is below 60.  I swear you look at them and you can't tell they are dollar store quality.

These millenials are like "oh you got the blah blah one, that's like $40 you big spender, lol".  What sweatshop is Target using to turn out 25 dollar boots that has more "leather" material than 3 decades of my work shoes?

So cost could be a factor here.  Hell of a lot cheaper than whatever Tory Burch crap they usually run around in.  (Yeah, I know my shoes, deal with it)


My daughter and her friends all have knee-high rubber boots exactly like the ones I used to wear when I worked on a concrete crew.  
Yeah, that's a big deal here too. Mostly for rain..  I wouldn't call them knee high.  I would peg those as half-calf.  

I was pulling out of the work parking garage mid day (no one around) a few years ago and a slim, asian woman with long hair, wearing a clingy dress and some sexy knee high boots was walking across the street.

I swear that there was nearly 3-4 car accidents by the time she made it across the street.  :shock:


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