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Opening in 13 year dynasty league (1 Viewer)

Miro Z

Our league, the Derrick Thomas FFL, has been going since 2000. It has strong history and traditions.

We are looking for an active trader and veteran player to join the league.

Cost is minimal - $7 a year to cover MFL costs.

The team available is an excellent one with talent like Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster, Brandon Marshall and Roddy White. The team was one of the highest scoring in the league but had some terrible luck and finished 5-8, which means you will get the 3rd overall pick in the draft.

There is not that much turnover in the DTFFL so this is a nice opportunity for someone who enjoys dynasty leagues.

You can check out the team here:


We are hoping to draft very soon after the real NFL draft.

If interested please contact me, the commish, at miroslav.z@gmail.com

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