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Opening in 3rd year Dynasty league (1 Viewer)

Porkchop Express


We have an opening in Bad Beat Dynasty League. This will be our third year running and have a good group of guys.

Ill give the basics here and then links to the league site.

Its 100 dollar entry fee, plus a 50 dollar conditionally refundable deposit for the next year. So your first payment would be 150. We use leaguesafe.

Its PPR, no IDP format.

League site is here:


Here are the league bylaws.


The open team's roster.

Fitzpatrick, Ryan TEN QB - 11 FA
Romo, Tony DAL QB - 5 FA
Wilson, Russell SEA QB - 11 FA
Bush, Michael CHI RB (P) - 6 FA
Dixon, Anthony SFO RB - 9 FA
Green, Alex GBP RB (P) - 10 FA
Jacobs, Brandon FA RB - - FA
Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB - 11 FA
Murray, DeMarco DAL RB - 5 FA
Powell, William ARI RB - 10 FA
Tanner, Phillip DAL RB - 5 FA
Tate, Ben HOU RB - 8 FA
Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB - 6 FA
Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR - 10 FA
Moss, Santana WAS WR - 10 FA
Nelson, Jordy GBP WR - 10 FA
Nicks, Hakeem NYG WR (P) - 11 FA
Stokley, Brandon DEN WR - 7 FA
Daniels, Owen HOU TE - 8 FA
Olsen, Greg CAR TE - 6 FA
Tamme, Jacob DEN TE - 7 FA
Barth, Connor TBB PK - 5 FA
Bironas, Rob TEN PK - 11 FA
Texans, Houston HOU Def - 8 FA
Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def - 11 FA

Davis, Fred WAS TE (P) - 10 FA

Johnson, Damaris PHI WR - 7 FA
Randle, Rueben NYG WR - 11 FA

Rookie pick 2.06

Rookie pick 3.02

Rookie pick 3.04

Rookie pick 4.04

Rookie pick 4.06

It should be noted it does NOT have a first round pick this year.

Reply or PM me if interested or if you have questions.

This is a very fun, active league with very little turnover. Also the team you are inheriting is very competitive with lots of nice trade assets.


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