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Opening in 4th year dynasty league... (1 Viewer)


We are looking for a serious owner who is willing to take on the 2010 and 2011 league champion, who failed to qualify for the playoffs (for the first time in 2012) in a 16-team idp dynasty league. We are entering our 4th year, and have a good group of team owners. This league is FREE, and is maintained on ESPN (with league business conducted on ProBoards). I (the Commissioner) maintain all team spreadsheets (salary cap, contract information) and distribute to all team owners on a regular basis (weekly in-season, monthly off-season). We work to mirror the NFL experience with RFA, UFA, annual rookie drafts, and practice squad claims. In-season, we utilize a blind bidding process via e-mail. The available team can be found at the following link: http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=2452&teamId=15&seasonId=2012This team has its full complement of draft picks for the 2013 (except its 4th round pick) and 2014 rookie drafts (6th overall in each round), and includes A LOT of talented pieces like:QB: Aaron RodgersRB: MJD, CJ Spiller, Ryan MathewsWR: Calvin Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Greg Jennings, Anquan BoldinTE: Owen DanielsDT: Justin SmithLB: Jerod Mayo, Wesley Woodyard, Sean LeeCB: Charles TillmanIf interested in the above team, please provide a short fantasy football bio to my e-mail address at robert.gibson36@gmail.com for consideration.I will then forward you a copy of our league constitution and our team spreadsheets for your perusal. Thank you for your consideration.


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