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Ouch - Spikes and Harrison on Same Roster (1 Viewer)

Mr. Know-It-All

Thankfully not mine.I am tied for first place in my division with the owner that had both Harrison and Spikes on his roster. Might actually even things up since he also has Freeney and Bulluck and Howard performing well.Major hit to production, though.

Rough week for me.Offord - done for yearHarrison - done for yearTakeo - done for yearPennington - done for yearHopefully can make it through this.

I had a great foursome after last season at LB, where we start 3:MPetersonJSharperSpikesWitherspoonPeterson's still fine, but Sharper's a SLB, Spikes is out for the year, and Witherspoon has a wonky knee. Waiver wire, here I come!


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