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Feels like we've already gotten two nice gifts and the Smith present hasn't been opened.

Stewart is a BEAST! Check out the run at 1:25. Otah is pancaking people all over the field. Love watching him drive defenders 5-10 yards down the field. Jake is back. Saw a stat yesterday where he's lead more 4th quarter comebacks since 2003 than any QB in the league. Old man Kasey is getting it done and the kickoff specialist is booting the ball deep and occasionally through the uprights. This offense looks to be among the elite.

Still worried about the D-backs. Lucas and Gamble seem to let marginal WRs get deep early and often. The elite WRs in the league will light these guys up. The LBs are among the best in the league and Chicago castoff Harris could be an all-pro. I don't have much of a read on the d-line.

I am also very excited about the possibilities of this team. For us to start 2-0 and in first in the NFC South, without our best offensive weapon sitting home watching his teammates has got to instill more confidence in the team. For the first time in several years the offense has more that Steve Smith as our one and only dangerous weapon that the opposing D's will need to focus on. Stewart was awesome when he got the chance to show what he can do and the power that he runs with. If Stewart is not starting soon I will be surprised. I like DW and thing he adds value to his role, but Fox wants to impose our will on the other team Stewart is the way we can do that.

Take a look at our team last year compared to this team.

QB - Delhomme vs. Carr / Teste / Moore

RB - Foster and DW vs. JStew and DW

WR - SS, Colbert and Carter vs. SS, Moose and Hackett

TE - King and ??? vs. Rosario and King

The opponents are going to have to figure out how to stop the run with Stewart mashing the ball and wearing them down, which should let Steve have much less attention in the secondary since the D will have to honor our power running game, when last year that DID NOT.

The D looks much improved with the LBs the heart of the D. The other side benefit of the much improved offense is the intangible effect of the D. Last year, we lost the T.O.P. battle 9 of the 16 games with several of those being very lopsided with the other team controlling the ball between 35 - 40 minutes almost. If you look at the first two games this year we controlled the ball in both games and both of them wound up as Panther wins. The D will be fresher at the end of the game and that showed just yesterday with the 2 and 1 at midfield when the Bears were driving for the tying FG, but got stoned 3 times in a row, including the game winning stop of McKie, by most of the line and Diggs. Last year, that doesn't happen and the opponent probably continues the drive and ties the game. Didn't happen yesterday, did it?

It is not time to write our ticket for the playoffs yet, but with each passing week, I am liking what I am seeing for the 2008 version. :homer:

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The great thing is that the Panthers are 2-0 and there are some things they can still clean up - penalties, 1st quarter offense. Add to that Smith joining team, and that opens the possibilities even more.

It sure is nice to start a season 2-0. Tough one against Minny next week and then the schedule supposedly eases up a bit. It's not unrealistic to see this team 6-0.


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