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Passing TDs = 6 points (1 Viewer)


How much does that scoring system change the idea of not drafting a QB til later because of the marginal difference between elite QBs and others? Does this scoring system propel Rodgers and Brees back into 1st/2nd round strategy -- opposite of what the Football Guys currently advocate?

I'd say taking Drew Brees, A.Rodgers or Peyton in rounds 2 to 3 is totally justified in a 6pts per TD for Passing TD's. Other then that it doesn't change much.

Bigger marginal value or Brees over running QBs like Newton and RGIII since some of their TDs come on the ground?

Brees, Manning and Rodgers get a slight uptick yes over running QB's. Those 3 will throw more TDs by a marginal amount over the other QBs.

my league has had this structure forever and slowly people are drafting QB's earlier. rodgers and brees will likely go in the early 2nd round. if one of them falls to me at 21 i will take him but otherwise i'm going to wait until 8-10 QB's are off the board.

6 pts / TD CAN make a significant difference, but it depends on all the othe perameters... is it a PPR league ... flex positions ... other owners' drafting tendencies... etc. In our league QBs ALWAYS go early not unusual to have 3 o4 4 go 1st round. That may sound 'guppy', but you may need to adjust.) Using the DD, you MUST make a custom ADP to account for it or you will get very poor results. If this is your first year, you might check here (MFL site that can show actual drafts). and look at individual leagues and how their drafts went. It won't show their scoring system, but if you have several scenarios on hand, it might help you for the middle rounds. Our league is very predictable, so easy to figure out how many should be available. Problem is in knowing what rankings the others are using.

The only difference it makes is comparison between the QB position and no more, no less. And when it comes to that, we 're talking about a 2 pt/TD differential, no more no less. So if you can predict that the top 2 or 3 QBs will throw say 8 to 10 TDs more than those bunched around QB8 to QB14, you're looking at a pt differential of 1 ppg or slightly more.

That's probably enough to bump your top QBs up about 1/2 a round or a bit more, but otherwise not a real difference maker, IMO.


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