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Peyton Manning v. Cleveland (1 Viewer)


Yes, I know he is throwing against the woeful Browns defense but could expectations be too high for him this week? QB's the past 6 weeks (exception Trent Edwards) have all posted solid #'s, but history wise, Peyton has been average at best v. Cleveland.

1999- (29-28 W) 27/43, 276yds 0/0

2002- (28-23 W) 20/34, 277yds 2/1

2003- (9-6 W) 27/43, 211yds 0/2

2005- (13-6 W) 19/23, 228yds 0/1

My question is what kind of stats do you see him posting?

He's going to tear us a new one. Honestly, after last week's debacle, the Browns are ready to roll over this week. It all depends on how many carries Addai gets and what the Colts' gameplan is. If they are convinced that throwing will win, Peyton will put up 300+ and 3 TDs.

He will have a workman-like effort neither lighting it up nor sucking beyond belief. In short, he will do what he needs to do to win and nothing more unless the Browns just completely forget how to tackle and his WR's break some long ones. I could see 200+ yards passing and a couple of TD's. They will probably get up early and only have to pass to keep the defense honest, with a heavy dose of the run game.

Gotta love being a Browns fan :goodposting:

In a normal redraft league, I would start him as usual (with moderate expectations).

But if you're in any kind of a One and Done format, this is not the week I would use Peyton. I think Crennel will find a way to keep him from going crazy.

It certainly feels like my Browns have mailed it in but...you never know. If they haven't this is exactly the type of game in which we step up and play a good game. Not saying we will (probably won't), but it's happened before.

Given the potential weather conditions and the fact that Manning might not need to do too much to win I'd temper my expectations for him this week. A big gameis always a possibility both for Manning and against the Browns but don't set yourself up for disappointment and just expect a 225/2 type of game. If he nets you more, great.


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