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PHI Opponents Could Have Boosted IDP Production (1 Viewer)

Bob Magaw

due to volume offense...

may be worth tracking...

i wouldn't start nicholas over kuechly, but in cases where it is closer, could tip scales on weekly matchup... for instance, in couple leagues, was leaning towards vaccaro anyways, makes it easier...

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KellysHeroes said:
guess this didn't workout, got a zero so far from Byrd
It worked for me. I started a random San Diego corner over Thomas DeCoud which got me a whole 1 point more!

I had higher hopes for this. Byrd, um a......Anyway I didn't see this game, so I'm not sure what the diff was. Too many big plays from the eagles? I know they didn't come close to the 49 rushes that they put up last week. I guess I'll be scrapping that idea for now. I guess I should have had an idea that this may appen after Mccoy said don't give me the ball that much.


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