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Pick My Bench Stash (1 Viewer)


I have room to add a player before tomorrow's games, and I'm not sure who I should go with.  Options include:

*Ronald Jones (hoping for Barber continued ineffectiveness or injury)

*Tre'Quan Smith (possible big-play breakout, but not sure I need a WR4)

*Raheem Mostert (Breida continues to be banged up)

*Austin Ekeler (on bye but flex-worthy each week)

*Chris Ivory (possible McCoy injury or trade)

*Taylor Garbiel (has been good, but limited upside)

Any votes on who I should stash?

10-Team Half PPR 2-QB, 2-Flex Redraft (H2H Record 5-2 1st Place)

 QB: Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins

 RB: Todd Gurley, James Conner, Joe Mixon, Marlon Mack, Jalen Richard, Aaron Jones

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry, Tyler Boyd, John Brown

  TE: Rob Gronkowski

    ? Chicago Bears

    K: Harrison Butker

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I don't see any of them cracking your lineup barring major injury so I would look for a TE since Gronk is injury prone.



I like the TE response myself, however one thing to consider is Gurley. The Rams are running away with it and if they keep it up he will be getting sat so might want to look at adding M Brown or J Kelly. I did the same myself. 


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