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Pick up any of these (1 Viewer)


10 team h2h ppr

Do i drop any of these for any of these?

My players

A. Collins, L. Miller, A. Jones. Cohen

Ridley, J. Brown, C. Davis, Enunwa, J. Gordon


B. Powell, C. Clement, N. Hines. Smallwood

Gabriel, S. Shepard, Goodwin, 

I like the idea of a Philly guy over Cohen and, if healthy, I think Clement will have earn the majority of the work over Smallwood.  There's risk that he won't be able to get/stay healthy or that the Eagles bring in someone else (a lot of McCoy buzz out there) but on the chance he's the lead dog in a very nice offense, I think he's the move.

All of those RB's over Cohen work for me. For this weekend Smallwood is good but for season long Clement, Powell, Hines then Smallwood is how I would rank them. The main problem with the Philly guys is that they could get knocked down if Philly trades for McCoy/Coleman or ???

I wouldn't want any of the WR's over what you have but I could see going after Clement, Hines, and/or Smallwood......probably in that order for me.   As far as who to drop, Collins' usage has been terrible and it appears Buck Allen has taken over.  I am not sure if I could actually drop Collins but that is the way I would lean.  Cohen would be a close second (and really may be the first if I just couldn't pull the trigger on Collins) and Miller third.  I am not saying to drop all three...just that is my order.  I probably would pick up Clement for Collins/Cohen (still can't decide). 


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