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Pisa Tinoisamoa Medical Question (1 Viewer)

Bob Magaw

just got my copy of the FBG mag. :)lead article was by a sports medicine authority, with specialty in shoulder & knee injuries.tino said he separated his shoulder something like 8 times last season... the latest was that he had been "repaired" with a staple.if there are any other sports medicine authorites out there, had the injury yourself or just stayed at a holdiay inn...this is just a hunch, but i am guessing ripping a large bone out of the socket repeatedly violently & traumatically could irreversibly degrade & compromise the future structural stability of the joint.or maybe its no big deal & he is no more likely to separate it again as anybody else. 5-0 had a very promising rookie season, but he regressed slightly (ie - didn't author as many game changing defensive big plays as the year b4... you could pretty much say that about the defense as a whole) in '04.imo, he has a lot of talent & could be in a potentially productive slot as STL WLB... they slid former pro bowler coakley out of position to SLB, opting instead to feature tino's pursuit skills from the more coveted & ((usually)) disruptive weak side role. that is pretty suggestive about his talent level.when you guys project him, have you been downgrading him as a medical risk (especially in dynasty leagues)? hos do you view his upside if he puts his shoulder problems behind him this season.any input from those who have had or know of this injury would be appreciated, & possibly help the board collectively better wrap their mind around the prospects of an intriguing athlete... only player in san diego county history (including marcus allen & seau) to be awarded all cif on offense & defense.

Very good question to bring up Bob. Don't have any insight on the probability of the injury having long term effects / recurrences. Got Brandon Chillar very late in a dynasty draft last year and I'll have to decide if I want to use a spot on my developmental squad for him - this info could help make that decision.

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First off.. separated is different than dislocated(ripping a large bone out of the socket)

I seperated my AC joint last year playing softball... dove and my right shoulder drove into the ground. Very painful! I hate going to the doctor... did it in the afternoon and by midnight I finally went to the hospital. There are three grades to a separation.. I had a 2... 3 is the worst. I would think it would happen everytime you make a hit with your shoulders until it was fully healed. It has been 11 months and mine still doesn't feel like my old shoulder, but have dove and ran into some fences and everything has been fine. I also played backyard tackle football in Nov. I was very hesitant to hit with that shoulder but everything went ok. Here is a link to some pics of the different degrees.

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