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PLAYBALL FFL has 1 ORPHAN team currently in 2nd place in money league. (1 Viewer)


Won't see a situation like this one very often.!! Hybrid Dynasty/Keeper Money League ($50)Leaguesafe)

Owner with the current 2nd place team in the standings left due to disagreement with the commish.

Normally, if someone boogies this late into the season we just go with using FANTASY SHARKS line-up coach, Not this season.
Owners voted they prefer we find a new owner AND if said owner is willing to pay the league fee the team would be eligible
for the play-offs and any prizes won in same.

Not an opportunity one will find very often.

League addy;

Commish email; tsb_vaknight@hotmail.com

League will be set to public so a potential owner can check out all the reports.

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