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players champion payouts (1 Viewer)


im new to this site and was thinking about playing in the players championship. Before I spend a 1000 on 3 three teams I was wondering if there was any problems ever getting paid out. I see where it says that the money gets held in savings account and it sounds secure but was just wondering how it went since I never played here b4 any comments would be appreciated thanks

Footballguys and FFPC are probably two of the most reputable organizations in the fantasy industry.There has never been an issue with payouts and I would be extremely surprised if there ever was.I have been a subscriber to Footballguys for over 10 years and in my view not a safer place to play in a fantasy game.

FFPC is the most reputable organization in high stakes fantasy. They run a bunch of fun well run games. I highly recommend checking out some of the other games they offer as well as the FPC. I'm a fan of terminator and field of 192.

There has never been a problem from this site paying out I have played it since 2010 and every year they have paid out fast.

I played 3 leagues for first time last year. I made money in all 3.... 1st in one and 2nd in 2 others....And I won a free league entry for this year....all of these payouts were quick and flawless....u should not have to worry about this


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