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12 team super flex, start 2 QBs

QB: Allen | Geno | AOC | Pickett
RB: Bijan | D. Swift | J. Warren | Gainwell | K. Mitchell
WR: ARSB | Ridley | R. Rice
TE: Goedert | Waller
K & DEF: FA strategy all year by match up. Riding Bears into playoffs
10 team PPR Keeper Auction:

QB: Love (Burrow and Cousins on IR)
RB: K Williams, Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, R Mostert, and Jaylen Warren
WR: CeeDee Lamb, Waddle, Olave, and Godwin
TE: LaPorta and Taysom Hill
K: Sanders (Mia)
DEF: Cleveland and Houston

Obviously churn the Defense and Kickers. Williams and Mostert have been great, cheap additions but complicate starting decisions when all RBs are healthy. Should have started Mostert over Jacobs this week but got the 2nd seed regardless.

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