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10 Team League.  I pick 8th.  We can keep anybody picked in the tenth round or later forever with no penalty.  1 point ppr league.  TDs are all worth six points.

My keepers - QB - Wilson, Garoppolo   RB - Drake, Cohen,   WR - Baldwin, Landry, Hogan, Westbrook, Def - Philly

Is the obvious decision to go with top rated RB available regardless of who else is out there?  Or with the ppr factor and Baldwin's health in question, should I really leave it open to grabbing the best player overall?

Top 10 players available in order per FFL's Draft Dominator for my league:  A. Brown, Gronkowski, Gurley, K Allen, Bell, M. Thomas, Elliott, Kelce, Green, Fitzgerald

Top RBs beyond this list - Gordon, Fournette, Hunt, Barkley, Cook, Freeman

With options of Gurley, Bell, Elliott, Gordon, Fournette, Hunt, and Barkley, all first round RB's IMO, then worst case you get Antonio if all RB's are taken, or Cook of you feel you have to go RB.  Odds are you will land one of those 7 RB's which I would recommend, but if you get 'stuck' with AB pick 8 you would end up with a solid WR core, but Cook and Freeman wouldn't survive your 9th and 10th players, thus you would reach down for your RB1 or double up on Receivers getting Gronk, Allen, or Thomas in Round 2.  That leaves you with Drake as your RB1...  Based on that you might be best off taking Cook (or the better RB available) and getting either Gronk, Allen, Thomas or Green in Round 2.  Thats worst case, which isnt bad at all.

All and all, one of the first 7 picks will probably take AB so grab your favorite RB of those top 7 and roll with it.

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Hard question to answer without knowing what other players were kept.  The WR position is very deep this year, but if the other teams also kept 4 WR and only 2 RB then the pickings could get very slim very quickly.

Seems like an odd keeper system and that eventually the only players worth drafting would be rookies.....that you try and draft in round 10 or later.

Go with BPA regardless of position.


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