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Position Polls - break out DE/DT & CB/S? (1 Viewer)

How should the polls be broken out?

  • Group all DL's together & group all DB's together

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  • Separate DT from DE & separate CB from S

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  • Group all DL's together, but separate CB from S

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  • Separate DT from DE, but group all DB's together

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Tick is doing yeoman work by getting the polls out there, both for IDP & position players. What method works best for the positions listed?

I kept them together because that's how Zealots scores them, and I'm guessing over 50% of the people in this forum are in at least one Z league.

I think the seperation is a good idea but why not wait 'till the NFL offseason? These many lists will clutter the boards during the season and possibly bump down news from the spotlight. Lets just get the general lists done during the season- its just three lists so not too many threads to keep up with. Then proceed to the divided lists in the offseason. Plus it seems only the dedicated, educated folk will stick around these parts during the offseason. Helps to make more educated decisions while voting.

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