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PPR Flex: Start 1 (1 Viewer)


Have no idea what I'm gonna do here....

Spencer Ware (BAL)

Jaylen Samuels (@OAK)

Larry Fitzgerald (DET)

Jeff Wilson Jr (DEN)


Only one of them?

Fitz is out, the RB options are too good.  I think you have to roll the dice on Samuels here.

I would go with Wilson.  Denver has been playing well lately but they have been gashed in the run game before.  Wilson will get a lot of touches and I think he will do fine. 

I don't trust Ware/Andy Reed in Baltimore.  Samuels seems like a great play but if they rotate like I have read and Ridley starts out hot maybe Samuels sits.  Fitz doesn't have much upside and I don't think his floor is better than Wilson's. 

I'd go Ware. The Chiefs are only favored by 6.5 last I saw, so as long as long as he can get some PPR catches - hopefully 3-20 this week, he should be able to piece together 50-60 yards with a good chance at a score.


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