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PPR Full Point: Which 2 to start at Flex, R. Anderson, T. Ginn, P. Garcon, P. Barber? (1 Viewer)


PPR 1.0 I have to fill 2 flex spots.

Which two would you start at flex.

Choices are: Robbie Anderson vs Miami, T. Ginn vs Clev, P. Garcon vs Det or Peyton Barber vs Philly?

Which 2 to start?

I actually think Barber is the best option here. He's the clear cut guy for Tampa, and while its a tough matchup, all the other guys are a little boom or bust. As for the 2nd starter, I'd lean toward Anderson. I think his low target count was more matchup based than anything else(Slay is arguably the best CB in the NFC) and Miami is a much easier matchup.

I agree with Barber and he seems like the obvious choice of the bunch. I would go with Garcon as your other option. Goodwin is out of the game this week and Garcon becomes the trusted option. I trust Jimmy G more than a rookie (that now has a week of film).


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