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PPR- K Hunt for Mixon & Corey Davis (1 Viewer)

Andy Dufresne

I'm thin at WR and Andy Reid makes me nervous. Thinking of offering this...

Give: Kareem Hunt 

Get: Mixon & Corey Davis

Is that enough to give? Too much?  Do I need to add a player like Christian Kirk or a 2nd or 3rd round pick?

I would keep Hunt but if you want to do it I wouldn't offer any more than Hunt alone. I certainly would not trade Kirk who has a clear avenue to being his teams top WR in future years.

That deal is pretty fair.  Hunt is the best player, but Mixon and Davis have big upsides.  You may have to add a pick to make it work, but I would start with that deal (if you're really willing to give up Hunt).  I agree with the others, I wouldn't throw in Kirk.

Why does Reid make you nervous?  He has always utilized his RB's to fantasy goodness when he had the talent.  Reid would not be my concern with Hunt.

You're swinging hard at unproven upside here. Not that Hunt has a huge track record in the NFL, but what he has seems very impressive.

Having said that, Hunt's "shot out of a cannon" start fell back to earth hard and I'm not convinced that he has elite talent. Depending on what else you have on your roster, that seems like a "fair" trade and I would probably ask for a solid vet too and if he didn't add it, I would probably take it as is.

Could you give your thoughts on my keeper league question?  Thanks!  :thumbup:

I would want the Mixon side, and it would take a late 1st or early 2nd rookie player that I like to even it out. 


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